About Gopal’s Restaurant

Planned, Meditated and eventually Appeared in June 2009, Gopal’s is an answer to providing a spiritualised food in a society that is swarmed with stress and materialism. We wanted to serve food that will calm your body and mind. Healthy food that is normally found in home. Reasonable cost to show that good food should not cost a bomb.

We have a wide range of food from South Indian, North Indian, Tandoori, Local delicacies, Western, Eggless Pastries and wide range of beverages.

Our week day Lunch Buffet is probably the most value for money in Town. Priced at $8.90 nett, it offers UNLIMITED serving of 12 items with freshly prepared chappathi.

Our Saturday Lunch Buffet is probably the most talked about and most looked forward event. At $12.90 Nett, you enjoy the best prepared 18 dishes that includes Dum Biryani,Naan, Chappathi and Dosai.

We are probably the only one in Singapore to provide Ekadesi food ( fasting food that is prepared without grains). This food improves on your spiritual endeavours by keeping your body favourable for austerities.

We have launched our home delivery services which is praised by working couples as boon to their food needs.

Our catering services are probably the most sought out in the market as quality and price are well balanced so that all can afford great food at good price.

Located on the busy main road of Serangoon, the restaurant is surrounded by parking spaces from Seranggon road sides, Opposite Vadapatra Kalliamman Temple, Race Course road, Beatty Road and PGP wedding complex.The nearest bus stop is only 1 minute walk from the restaurant.

So don’t wait …. walk in to Gopal’s and let us serve you freshly prepared hot steaming food that will bring smile even on your most stressful day.